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Taking Care of Your Watch

By Farrukh Zaheer August 18, 2020 0 comments

Whether your watch cost $100 or $1000 you are wearing it because you like it and you want it to last for as long as possible. When watches stop working, as they all invariably do at some point, it's too easy to blame the battery or the movement or just the fact it was cheap, so what can you expect? One major option is missing from this list; you! The amount of watches which cease to function thanks to the way they have been cared for is ridiculous, so here are our tips for taking care of your watch and therefore significantly increasing its lifespan.



 Hands up how many of you actually take the time to clean your watch? By clean we mean take a soft cloth and gently remove dust and debris, not giving it a rub over with a wet wipe. Grease from your skin, general dust, pet dander, towel fibres, these will all be attracted to your watch like a moth to a flame and as much of it is invisible to the naked eye you may not realise it's there until it's too late. For an indication of how dirty your watch is take a cotton bud and wipe around the underside of your watch and see what colour it is. Spending 5 minutes a couple of times a week cleaning your watch can add years to its lifespan.


Put it to Bed

Take off your watch at night, pop it into its box or other container, and close the lid. That is the best possible bedtime routine for your watch. There are still hundreds, if not, thousands of people who just lie it on their night stand or, perish the thought, sleep with their watch on!The latter is a huge no no for so many reasons. Sweat, fabric, dust, drool; just don't do it.



Water resistant, waterproof to a certain depth and splash resistant are just some of the terms used to describe how averse your watch is to water. The general rule of thumb is that unless it specifically states it to be waterproof don't let it get near the wet stuff. Ambiguous wording is the order of the day when it comes to any item and its water resistance. How many times do we read about a mobile phone claiming to be water resistant but when it meets an untimely end in the dog's bowl the insurance company fails to pay out as it “displayed clear evidence of water damage”. It's a given that you would remove your watch to bathe or shower, also be careful when washing your hands and some will prove to not be as splash proof as they claim to be.


Sun Block 

Lying soaking up the rays in the hope of going home with a deep, golden tan is the mission of most holiday makers. Lying with your watch on is effectively condemning it to a slow and painful death by effectively frying it's insides. Plus, that metal will soon get very hot and give you a totally different kind of sun burn. If you need to know the time, even when on holiday, keep it in your bag or beside your lounger under a hat or something. Sun exposure kills watches; fact.

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